Tom Krannawitter (host of Speakeasy Ideas) writes:

“I write this morning with a recommendation for a new podcast series: The American Story. 

This recommendation, for me, is personal. The American Story features Christopher Flannery. It’s hard for me to overstate the influence Chris has had, and continues to have, on me. 

I lived, worked, and studied in Claremont, California, for over a decade. During that time, I spent many, many hours with Chris Flannery, sometimes drinking, sometimes not—sometimes playing tennis, sometimes not—always discussing and exploring, together, that which is timeless as well as the timely. 

To me, he’s been a teacher, mentor, and friend. 

What’s Chris like? He’s part Socrates, part Shakespeare, part Lincoln, and cooler than James Bond. Picture, with your mind’s eye, that image as you listen to The American Story podcasts, and it’ll all make sense, I promise. 

Each episode is short, ten minutes or so. Each forms part of a beautiful whole that Chris is patiently unveiling. Click below, listen, reflect, and let me know what you think. Let him know, too. And enjoy.”